How can museums improve information management?

Many museums have good procedures and processes in place for managing discrete sets of information. For example, information about the collection is often governed by policies relating to its creation, use and maintenance, while new collections information capture is planned via strategies.

This means that planning for information needs and maintenance is often done at a departmental or functional level and sometimes on an ad-hoc basis. With the increasing opportunities that arise from the internet, social networking and digital projects there is escalated demand for our information.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that we address all information needs at an organisational level by treating information as we do many other aspects of our work, i.e. the forward planning of work, and the implementation of a policy with a corresponding strategy determining how we will create, manage, prioritise and use the information we need to achieve our objectives.

We need a change in attitude to the way we create, use and manage information: to move us from localised planning to strategic and sector wide planning.