Where do I go for further information and guidance?

  1. Information Management Toolkit for Museums: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/IPToolkit (late January 2010)
  2. Further guidance on records management: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/RM-Tool
  3. Sample information policies online:
  4. Further reading:
    • Elizabeth Orna and Charles Pettitt, Information Management in Museums, Gower Publishing Ltd., 1999
    • Orna, Elizabeth, Practical Information Policies, Gower Publishing Ltd., 1999
    • Orna, Elizabeth, Information Strategy in Practice, Gower Publishing Ltd., 2004
  5. The National Archives website: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/services/opsi.htm?WT.lp=sp-33820
  6. Government Knowledge and Information Management Network (GKIMN): http://gkimn.nationalarchives.gov.uk
  7. SPECTRUM knowledge: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/manage_information/spectrum